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What is custom yoga?

Yoga is an ancient system of philosophical and physical practices to achieve strength, flexibility, calm, stillness, and health.

There are many different styles of yoga to choose from, and most will bring amazing benefits to the practitioner. But what is your yoga?

Custom yoga tailors the practice to your needs. Whether it be sports-specific, addressing a particular challenge in your physical body, or simply personal preference.

Through private or semi-private instruction, you can customize the practice to fit your needs.

Current Events:

Vinyasa Flow- Breath links movement as you flow through sun salutations, standing poses, back bends, and seated postures.

Power Vinyasa- A challenging flow class that focuses on breath driven movement. Sun salutions and standing poses create heat and strength to ultimately allow for deeper release into seated postures.

Gentle Yoga- Seated meditation and warm-up unfolds into a flow sequence at a moderate pace. Focus is on alignment, ease, deep breathing, and relaxation.

Private Instruction- One on one or in a small group, private instruction allows you to customize a class to your needs. There are many styles of yoga out there. Together we can discover "your" yoga.

Sport Specific- Targeting the key muscles that are use and challenged in a sport can help you avoid injury. I have developed golf, soccer, baseball, and basketball programs that increase focus, drive, distance, teamwork, agility and prevent injury. Every sport can benefit from practicing yoga.


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Yogalotus Help for Haiti Yogathon
June 25th 2011 @ 9am
Shadowland Pavilion
Silver Beach – St. Joseph, MI